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Drugs that treat HIV trialled in people with multiple brain tumours

While usually non-cancerous, NF2 can cause symptoms such as loss of balance, hearing loss that gradually gets worse over time and ringing in the ears.


Beneath offshore wind turbines, researchers grow seafood and seaweed

Researchers are exploring multiple uses for wind parks far out at sea, such as producing fresh seafood


Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites could damage the environment for decades, study says

Mega satellite constellations produce destructive gases when they burn up in atmosphere at end of service lives


Scientists dismiss theory that griffins were inspired by dinosaur fossils

Palaeontologists at the University of Portsmouth said the folklore ‘relies on interpretations and proposals that don’t withstand scrutiny’.


TikTok launches media literacy hub to help users spot misinformation

TikTok is launching a media literacy hub to help its users recognise fake news and misinformation online ahead of the General Election. The social media giant said the hub had been created alongside fact-checking organisation Logically Facts.


June full Moon to appear in rare Solstice spectacle

The full Moon in June will coincide with the Summer Solstice, offering only a brief chance to see the celestial spectacle known as the Strawberry Moon.


Chimps helping scientists find plants that have potential to become medicines

Oxford scientists have identified 13 plants that have potent wound-healing and infection-fighting properties in a “thrilling” discovery – with help from some wild chimpanzees.


WHO and Eli Lilly caution patients against falling for fake versions of popular weight-loss drugs

The World Health Organization and drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. are warning patients to be wary of fake versions of weight-loss and diabetes medicines


Different versions of 'home' roost at the American Folk Art Museum

What does “home” mean? Different things to all of us, of course. A place of love, for some. One fraught with trouble, for others. An elusive concept for too many. “Home isn’t always a place of comfort. Nor is it always a location, or a place.


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