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London cinema drops AI-written film after backlash

A central London cinema has cancelled a private screening of a film which was entirely written using artificial intelligence (AI) following a public backlash. The Prince Charles Cinema in Soho was due to host the world premiere of The Last…


Artist creates celebrity heads from sushi

An exhibition of celebrity heads made out of sushi has gone on display. Food artist Michelle Wibowo, from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, spent 120 hours creating a series of portraits of well-known Brits.


Voting where house prices are 17 times yearly earnings

The average cost of a house in St Albans is 17 times greater than the average yearly earnings of those who live there, making it the least affordable place to live outside of central London.


Naomi Campbell at the V&A: ‘A Pandora’s box’ of memories

When the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) dedicates an entire show to one person, particularly one whose career is still very much ongoing, it's usually a sign that A-list stardust is incoming.


Hunting the 'Big Five' on South Africa's walls

“Today we’re going to look for the ‘Big Five!’” South African guide Eelco Meyjes announces from the front of his safari vehicle - a strange thing to hear on the streets of suburban Johannesburg. But he is not talking about game, but the wildlife…


Bacon ice cream and nugget overload sees misfiring McDonald's AI withdrawn

McDonald's is removing artificial intelligence (AI) powered ordering technology from its drive-through restaurants in the US, after customers shared its comical mishaps online. A trial of the system - which uses voice recognition software to process…


'Building pylons in our fields won't benefit our community'

The BBC has spoken to residents in the Towy Valley about their views on a huge wind turbine project.


'Farmers aren’t trying to destroy the environment'

John Egerton has farmed his land near Rosslea in County Fermanagh for four decades. But now, how he does that is changing. He and his sons have been measuring carbon on the farm for more than two years to provide them with a baseline figure for…


Could brain-like computers be a 'competition killer'?

Modern computing's appetite for electricity is increasing at an alarming rate. By 2026 consumption by data centres, artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency could be as much as double 2022 levels, according to a recent report from the…


I felt like I was getting electric shocks - then found out it was cancer

Every night when Carol McGachie went to bed she felt like she was being hit by electric shocks. She would pace up and down while intense tingling pains went up her legs and down her arms. The mother-of-two from West Lothian couldn't sleep a wink…


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