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Inside Finland’s Plan to End All Waste by 2050

Finland believes education is key—getting every citizen to understand the need for a circular economy, and how they can be part of it


Seeding the Ocean: Inside a Michelin-Starred Chef’s Revolutionary Quest to Harvest Rice From the Sea

In 2008, as a young, unknown chef, he took a loin from one fish and attached it to the loin of another, using collagen to bind the two proteins together. He called them hybrids and served them to unsuspecting diners at Aponiente, his restaurant in…


The Ocean Farmers Trying to Save the World With Seaweed

In a cove in Bamfield, a coastal community in British Columbia, Canada, Louis Druehl steers his boat, The Kelp Express, a mile along the mountainous coastline. For 51 years, this boat has taken Druehl to the fortuitously named Kelp Bay where beneath…


The World Health Organization Declares Africa Polio-Free

Nobody will ever know the identity of the thousands of African children who were not killed or paralyzed by polio this year. They would have been hard to keep track of no matter what because in ordinary times, they would have followed thousands last…


‘Grounds for Optimism.’ Global CO2 Emissions Plateaued in 2019, Defying Expectations, Says Report

Global carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector plateaued in 2019, defying widespread expectations that they would continue to rise, according to a Feb. 11 report by the International Energy Agency (IEA). Emissions fell sharply in some…


‘Living Across Two Continents is Environmentally Unethical.’ Australian Actress Yael Stone Is Giving Up Her Green Card to Reduce Her Environmental Impact

Australian actress Yael Stone says she is giving up her United States green card to reduce her environmental impact


20 Ways the World Got Better in 2019, in Charts

The last 12 months have felt chaotic, destabilizing, and on occasion apocalyptic. Toxic nationalist movements have risen across the globe; politics in democratic nations have increasingly polarized; wealth gaps continue to expand; and the specter of…


Can a 4,815-Mile Wall of Trees Help Curb Climate Change in Africa?

The seedlings are ready. One hundred and fifty thousand shoots of drought-resistant acacia, hardy baobab and Moringa spill out of their black plastic casings. The ground has been prepared with scores of kilometer-long furrows leading to a horizon…


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