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Zero-waste on the menu as chefs turn to leftovers

The zero-waste movement has seen chefs trained into how to turn leftovers into meals as customers become more aware of food waste.


DIY cervical checks boost uptake by 50 per cent among those who otherwise miss tests

DIY cervical screening kits boost uptake by more than 50 per cent, among those who otherwise fail to have the checks, trials show.


Hard of hearing Elton John fans attending farewell tour can use an app to help them better hear his music 

Hard of hearing Elton John fans attending his farewell tour can use an app to help them better hear his music.


Employers ease flying guilt by awarding extra holiday time for rail travel

It is surely the prospect of spending an entire day getting to a holiday destination rather than a few hours that has made flying the choice of travel for millions - to the clear detriment of the environment.


There is no such thing as 'binary sexuality' says Dame Helen Mirren 

There is no such thing as "binary sexuality" Dame Helen Mirren has said, as she adds that trans women are women.  Dame Helen Mirren has said that she believes that everyone is a “wonderful mix of male and female”.


Britain's pine marten population to double overnight in conservation effort

England’s  pine marten population is set to double overnight as the mammal, almost extinct in the country, is reintroduced.


New blood test could detect more than 20 types of cancer

A , allowing cases to be identified and treated far earlier.


British tourists will be able to fly to Australia in 4 hours by 2030, UK Space Agency predicts as they announce investment in hydrogen engine company

Tourists could fly from Britain to Australia in just four hours by the 2030s with a new hypersonic engine being developed by UK scientists, the head ...


The ancient Aztec ballgame saving Mexicans from life of crime and drugs

In a downtrodden neighbourhood in Mexico City, where an old rubbish dump once lay, troubled one-time gangsters are turning their lives around with the help of an obscure sport.


Plans unveiled for UK's first 'car free community' where vehicles are parked underground 

Plans to build the UK’s first “car-free community” have been unveiled, as one council proposes to build a 4,000 home neighbourhood accessible for just pedestrians or bikes.


Plastic-free, edible flight meal trays designed to reduce airline waste

Partially edible, plastic-free in-flight meal trays have been designed to reduce airline waste and encourage businesses and travellers to address the issue.


Falls in over 100 care homes reduced by a third through new app, which could be rolled out across Britain

An app which prevented a third of falls in over 100 care homes in partnership with the NHS, could be rolled out across Britain potentially saving “millions” in fall related injuries.


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