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Net zero costs unmanageable for most homeowners, Citizens Advice warns

Net zero retrofit costs will be unmanageable for most homeowners, Citizens Advice has warned. The average cost of measures such as loft insulation and heat pumps will be just under £15,000 per household, the charity has estimated, a figure it said…


‘Meat and organs’ eater Bear Grylls 'embarrassed' by his vegan advocacy

Bear Grylls has said he is “embarrassed” by his past support of veganism, and regrets writing a green cookbook in which he criticised meat eaters.


Longer lorries to be allowed on British roads to reduce traffic

Longer lorries will be allowed on UK roads next month in a bid to reduce traffic, the Government has announced. Legislation will be laid on May 10 that will mean the legal length for lorries on UK roads can be extended to 18.5m (61ft), 2.05m longer…


New dementia drug heralded as the ‘beginning of the end of Alzheimer’s’

The best ever drug for Alzheimer's disease has been found to slow decline by a third, in a breakthrough that ushers in a new era of treatment for dementia. On Wednesday, US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly announced that its drug donanemab delays the…


Rare but fragile Royal Horticultural Society treasures placed in digital library

Some of the treasures held by the Royal Horticultural Society are so rare, fragile or valuable, that they could not show them to the public. That was until now as the charity has launched a digital library of more than 10,000 items which allows the…


ChatGPT has better bedside manner than doctors, study finds

The human touch has always been viewed as an important aspect of medicine, with a good bedside manner known to improve recovery rates. But a new study suggests ChatGPT is actually more empathetic than doctors and gives better advice to the majority…


Type 2 diabetes can directly lead to lung damage, major research finds

Type 2 diabetes causes lung damage, major new research has found for the first time. High blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes can play a causal role in lung complications, such as pneumonia, fibrosis and lung disease, scientists have concluded.


Watch: Miniature King Class steam engine built by retired engineer chugs along

A train lover has built a working exact replica of a steam engine after looking for “something to do” in retirement. Vic Whittaker, 79, spent two years and 2,000 hours assembling a carbon copy of the GWR King Class locomotive.


Author who wrote debut novel during cancer battle nominated for major award

An author who resolved to write her debut novel after being diagnosed with cancer has been shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction. Louise Kennedy is nominated for Trespasses, the story of a young woman in 1970s Belfast.


Space sex could pose a risk to pregnancy

Space tourists may have sex on future trips into orbit, scientists believe, with potential risks to pregnancy as well as scandalous PR issues.


Air pollution can damage sperm quality and cause infertility

Air pollution from traffic or exposure to pesticides can significantly damage sperm quality and cause infertility, according to new research.


Listen: the recordings that deal a fresh blow for hope of life on Mars

Listening to the heart of Mars has dealt a fresh blow on the hope of ever finding signs of life on the red planet. Astronomers used a Nasa machine called InSight which was designed to study vibrations on the planet and analysed two events which…


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