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California Tribal Members Are Reclaiming the ‘Land of the Flowing Water’

Several tribes in Owens Valley in the eastern Sierra Nevada see hope in small property transfers that have become part of a growing “Land Back” movement.


The Momentous Decision New York Almost Made

Chicago reversed the flow of a river. Boston put a highway underground. And New York, well, came close to enacting congestion pricing.


The Woman Who Could Smell Parkinson’s

She first noticed the scent on her husband. Now her abilities are helping unlock new research in early disease detection.


What Are Your Experiences With Marijuana and Driving?

As laws restricting cannabis are eased around the United States, we’re exploring the implications for road safety. A lot is known about how alcohol impairs a person’s ability to drive safely.


Makah Tribe Wins Federal Approval to Hunt Gray Whales

After decades of legal battles, federal regulators are allowing the tribe to hunt up to 25 whales in the next decade off the coast of Washington State.


Mars Got Cooked by a Recent Solar Storm

Days after light shows filled Earth’s skies with wonder, the red planet was hit by another powerful outburst of the sun.


Ancient Maya Genomes Sequenced for First Time

Thousand-year-old DNA from Chichén Itzá offers eye-opening details of the religious rituals of ancient Maya.


White House Takes a Tiny Bite From Giant Pile of Food Waste

The government will look at ways to extend the shelf life of foods and to create more composting and other facilities, as well as urge companies to donate more food.


In Vermont, a Glimpse of a Plant Last Seen a Century Ago

“Are you sitting down?” Vermont’s state botanist asked a fellow plant expert after spotting false mermaid-weed last month.


Games Are Proving Their Pull on News and Tech Sites

Word puzzles on LinkedIn. Logic challenges in The Washington Post. For news publishers and tech sites looking to both entice and engage users, games are serious business.


Bill Gates Is Backing a Nuclear Power Project in Wyoming.

Work is starting in Wyoming coal country on a new type of reactor. Its main backer, Bill Gates, says he’s in it for the emissions-free electricity.


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