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Haruki Murakami and the challenge of adapting his tales for film

“Drive My Car,” from the rising director Ryusuke Hamaguchi, is the rare movie based on the author’s work to excel. The writer and director explain ...


Japan’s drug regulator considers sweeping changes after COVID-19 vaccine delay

After being one of the last major developed nations to approve Pfizer's vaccine, Japan's drug regulator is looking to ease approval requirements for future pandemics.


Nissan unveils ¥2 trillion long-term electric vehicle strategy

Nissan, on track to return to annual profit for the first time in three years, is seeking to use know-how it amassed as an early ...


Needle-free vaccine patches coming soon, researchers and makers say

Researchers have doubled down on efforts to create patches that deliver life-saving drugs painlessly to the skin, a development that could revolutionize medicine.


In Canada, psychedelics re-emerge in treatment of depression

When it comes to using psychedelics for therapeutic reasons, there is mounting interest from researchers and investors, as well as a public push to reconsider ...


Ten years after Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan finding path to renewable energy future

Almost immediately after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, the shift toward renewable energy sources began to accelerate.


Environmental activism is at the heart of Nagoya’s international community

The search for friendship and community among foreign residents of Nagoya has become intimately tied to environmental education and activism.


Jobs, houses and cows: China’s costly drive to erase extreme poverty

In just five years, China says it has lifted from extreme poverty over 50 million farmers left behind by breakneck economic growth in cities.


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