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In pandemic, Nigerian teacher can ‘teach the whole world’

A teacher from a Lagos public school is helping students across the country, and internationally, learn math virtually during coronavirus restrictions that have prevented most children from returning to class in Nigeria


Spreading rock dust on the ground could pull carbon from the air, researchers say

Spreading rock dust on farmland could pull enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to remove about half of the amount of that greenhouse gas currently produced by Europe, according to a major study published Thursday in the journal Nature. And if…


Amid virus lockdown, radio lessons return in Latin America

Broadcasting was once widely used in Latin America to teach basic math and literacy skills to rural children and adults


Scotland moves to become first country to make pads and tampons free

The estimated $30 million a year plan is big win for the global movement to remove so-called “tampon taxes” that class sanitary pads as luxury items.


Restoring forests for the sake of climate, habitats

Around the world, people are putting shovels to ground to restore forests


Surprise rescue of Jamaica coral reefs shows nature can heal

After a series of disasters in the 1980s and 1990s, Jamaica lost 85% of its once-bountiful coral reefs and its fish population plummeted. But today, the corals and tropical fish are slowly reappearing thanks to some careful interventions.


Berlin panda babies thriving — and cute — at 2 weeks old

Berlin’s zoo says two giant panda twins born two weeks ago are thriving and already showing signs of how they’ll look once they mature, with black ears and black rings around their tiny eyes


2 Ebola patients in Congo “cured” with drugs, say doctors

Two Ebola patients who were treated with new Ebola drugs in the city of Goma in eastern Congo have been declared “cured” and returned to their homes


Russian women find a punchline in the age of #MeToo

Russia is experiencing a surge of female stand-up comedians as women’s rights moves into the spotlight.


Beethoven behind bars: Peru rehabilitates inmates with music

In Peru, inmates under close watch play music with symphony orchestra as part of pioneering program to rehabilitate criminals


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