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Female figurines sheltered by boar tusks discovered in Ukraine cave

Ritual hoard found in Ukraine’s Verteba Cave from 5,000 years ago illuminate the ritual life of the mysterious Cucuteni-Trypillian culture


Israeli behind Amsterdam’s first Holocaust museum lives in Anne Frank's district

A Jewish theater in Amsterdam from where the Nazis sent Jews to the camps will soon become the home of the National Holocaust Museum. Architect Uri Gilad discusses why he lives in the neighborhood that was once home to Anne Frank and her Jewish…


A piece of Israeli history, shattered

For decades, ceramics made in the kibbutz of Kfar Menahem were sold around the country. Now, production facilities are slated for demolition, a move opposed by the artisans who worked there


Mummified dogs in ancient Egypt: Were they pets, sacrifices or wolves?

Identifying the species or breeds of long-dead canines before the era of fashionable disfigurement in dogs can be difficult. Now a new technique finds some answers in the Saqqara necropolis of Egypt


Standing stones, bones: Archaeologists excavate Neolithic cattle cult site in Saudi Arabia

Monumental stone structures called mustatil weren't a subset of the mega-traps called kites, they were a separate phenomenon that may attest to Neolithic religion in Arabia


Ancient DNA recovered from pendant shows who owned it 20,000 years ago

Breakthrough technique to analyze ancient artifacts finds that elk’s tooth from Siberia’s Denisova Cave had been owned by a woman in prehistory


How did the Romans make glass? A hill in Israel knows

The Romans were famed for their glass – all made using raw glass manufactured in ancient Israel, Lebanon and Egypt. A new exhibit at New York's Corning Museum sheds light on the process and why the ancient glassmakers had to move shop every 10 years


Israeli internet pioneer on how we should respond to AI

‘Anyone who sees AI only as a threat is missing the fact it’s also a huge opportunity,’ says Prof. Sheizaf Rafaeli, who is convinced that academia needs to undergo drastic change


High-tech peers inside sealed ancient Egyptian coffins, finds lizards

The reptiles (and other animals) had been shrouded and buried in fine copper boxes, analysis study of six votive boxes from 2,500 years ago


Genetic tests of Israeli desert olive tree reveal roots of ancient agriculture

A first-of-its-kind study by an Israeli university seeks to uncover the information contained in ancient fruit trees


Lady bats get ‘pregnancy brain’ too, Israeli scientists discover

Never before has science documented gestational sensory impairment in other species. Now it has, in tiny bats that weigh no more than a pencil


Can tourists keep traveling without causing environmental damage?

The big question for people in the travel industry today is how to reconcile the contradiction: How to maximize the advantages of travel, primarily for employment and the economy, without paying the environmental price


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