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Get a Heat Pump

If you’re like me, you know that getting rid of your car is one of the best things you can do for the climate, and also that you will never do it. This is a car-oriented country, and a car-oriented time.


There Is No Chinese ‘Debt Trap’

China, we are told, inveigles poorer countries into taking out loan after loan to build expensive infrastructure that they can’t afford and that will yield few benefits, all with the end goal of Beijing eventually taking control of these assets from…


The Weekly Planet: A Startup’s Unusual Plan to Suck Carbon Out of the Sky

Updated at 2:25 p.m. ET on December 1, 2020. Every Tuesday morning, our lead climate reporter brings you the big ideas, expert analysis, and vital guidance that will help you flourish on a changing planet. Sign up to get The Weekly Planet, our guide…


A Plan to Grow 90,000 Trees in Los Angeles

What is the most effective thing an individual can do about climate change? There are lots of possible answers: what…


How to Make Snake Venom Without Any Snakes

Lab-grown glands can now produce realistic cocktails of toxins, which could help address one of the world’s biggest and most neglected health crises.


An Airbnb for the Formerly Incarcerated

A nonprofit is trying to match newly released prisoners with hosts who can support them. But it’s hard to find funding for unconventional ideas.


America’s Epidemic of Unkindness

A new research institute at UCLA wants to start a virtuous cycle of generosity and do-gooding.


Start Planting Trees

Recently Deb Fallows kicked off a series of “Big Little Ideas”—innovations or reforms that could be applied fairly easily at…


A Simple Invention Could Change How Fast Disease Is Detected

Octopi is designed to rapidly detect malaria in poor settings—but its true potential is even greater.


The Aging Spacecraft of Deep Space

NASA is rationing watts to keep its oldest mission going.


The Interlocking Puzzle That Allowed Life to Emerge

A long-standing mystery about the origin of the first cells has a new solution—and it’s a rather magical one.


Robert Smith’s Real Gift to Morehouse

The billionaire didn’t just pay off graduates debts, he offered an invaluable lesson about the real nature of individual success.


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